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Vincent Harding on the Democratic Spirit
Installment 4 — The Work of Humankind Has Just Begun

In Installment 4 of our video conversation on the democratic spirit, Dr. Harding discusses a favorite quote of his from Aimé Césaire, a 20th century poet, playwright, and politician who hailed from Martinique in the French Caribbean. When it comes to the task of building a true and deep human community together, says Harding, we are just now getting started.*

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Part 1: Beyond civil rights: building spiritual democracy (5:31)
Part 2: Beyond civil rights: building spiritual democracy (5:04)

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The work of humankind has just begun (5:12)


* Friend and confidant of Dr. King, Vincent Harding is Professor Emeritus of Religion and Social Transformation at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver and chairperson and co-founder of the Veterans of Hope project.



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