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These links connect you with interviews, lectures, and articles from a sampling of the influential thinkers who have helped to define the Center's intellectual and spiritual character over the years. Taken together, the ideas here offer a sort of informal blueprint for a peaceful and creative twenty-first century. We expand this list regularly, so please keep checking back.

Gar Alperovitz

Oscar Arias

Mary Catherine Bateson

Walden Bello

Virginia Straus Benson

Janine Benyus

John Berthrong

Elise Boulding (dialogue w/ Randall Forsberg), Elise Boulding (keynote), Elise Boulding (public talk)

Carolyn Boyes-Watson

Robin Casarjian & Judith Thompson

Young Seek Choue

Riane Eisler (interview), Riane Eisler (lecture)

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Randall Forsberg

Neva Goodwin

Stephen Gould

David Hansen

Vincent Harding (interview), Vincent Harding (public talk)

Hazel Henderson, Hazel Henderson (public talk)

Larry Hickman (essay), Larry Hickman (lecture)

Daisaku Ikeda (message, 2004), Daisaku Ikeda (message, 2009)

Paul Joseph

Pam Kircher (interview), Pam Kircher (public talk)

Paul Knitter

Linda Lantieri

Megan Laverty

Bernard Lown

Lou Marinoff

John D. Montgomery

Mary Lee Morrison

J. Keith Motley

Chandra Muzaffar

Anita Patterson

Vito Perrone

Steven Rockefeller (interview), Steven Rockefeller (public talk)

Joseph Rotblat

Amartya Sen

Judith Thompson

Michael True

Sarah Wider

Nur Yalman (interview, 2002), Nur Yalman (interview, 2009)




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