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Richard Yoshimachi

Richard Yoshimachi, richard.yoshimachi@ikedacenter.org
Richard is President and Executive Director of the Ikeda Center, providing direction and leadership. Prior to joining the Center in 2009, Richard served as director of the SGI's Washington DC Culture Center. From 1998-2003, Richard was the executive director of Linus Pauling and the Twentieth Century, a traveling exhibition celebrating the Nobel Prize-winning scientist and peace activist.

Virginia Straus Benson

Virginia Straus Benson, vbenson@ikedacenter.org
Ginny is Senior Research Fellow at the Ikeda Center. She was executive director of the Center from its founding in 1993 to June 2009. Prior to that, Ginny co-directed a Boston-based public policy institute and was as an urban policy aide in the Carter White House. She earned a Masters degree in US area studies from the University of London. She loves walking in nature with friends and reading widely.

Mitch Bogen

Mitch Bogen, mbogen@ikedacenter.org
Mitch is Publications Associate at the Center, with a focus on managing and creating content for the website and e-newsletter. Mitch has been a writer and editor for a number of educational nonprofits, taught comparative religions at Fisher College in Boston, and been a contributing writer for the Harvard Education Letter. He holds dual Masters degrees from Harvard University, in theology and education, and is passionate about music.

Shirley Chandl

Shirley Chandl, schandl@ikedacenter.org

Shirley Chandl, Office Manager and Bookkeeper, came to the Center in 1996 from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, where she worked as executive assistant to the Director of Catalog Sales. Shirley argues that her interests in gardening, flower arranging, and good food are as critical to her contributions at the Ikeda Center as any official aspect of her resume.

Katherine Doerner

Katherine Doerner, adminassist@ikedacenter.org
Katherine is our Spring 2012 Northeastern University coop student. She is a dual Cultural Anthropology/International Affairs major, and is interested in ways that cooperation and education can support the development of real solutions to global inequalities. Katherine volunteers at the Boston-area nonprofit Girls' LEAP. Her interests include music, travel, and camping.

Jeff Farr

Jeff Farr, jfarr@ikedacenter.org
Jeff is Publications Manager at the Ikeda Center, overseeing all book projects and communications. Jeff worked as a writer and editor at SGI-USA publications for 12 years before joining the Center in December 2007. He earned his MA in Film Studies from the University of Arizona in 1990, and taught sociology courses on film and popular culture at Arizona State University. Jeff remains a dedicated film buff.

Masashiro Hagiya

Masashiro Hagiya, mhagiya@ikedacenter.org
Masa Hagiya is Treasurer and IT Manager at the Ikeda Center. Additional responsibilities include community relations and English-Japanese translation. He has worked at the Center since its founding in 1993. Previously, Masa worked in New York City as as a bilingual marketing manager and in the field of import operations. He received an MBA from American University, and enjoys kendo, sushi, and family outings.

Kevin Maher

Kevin Maher, kmaher@ikedacenter.org

Kevin Maher is the Ikeda Center's Events Manager, organizing public forums and seminars that engage diverse audiences in openhearted dialogue. Prior to joining the Center in 2002, Kevin worked as a reporter at a weekly town newspaper.  He earned a B.A. in English from the Univ. of Massachusetts, and loves music, movies, travel, and being near the ocean.

Masao Yokota

Masao Yokota, myokota@ikedacenter.org
Masao Yokota is Advisor to the Center, having served as president from its founding in 1993 to June 2009. He also serves as Deputy Vice President of Soka Gakkai International (SGI) and Research Fellow of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy in Japan. Additionally, Masao is correspondent to Seikyo News in Japan. He enjoys face-to-face dialogue and connecting with new cultures.

Beth Zimmerman

Beth Zimmerman, bzimmerman@ikedacenter.org
Beth is the Center Coordinator. Prior to joining the BRC in 1996, Beth worked to empower young people through the arts in human service and educational settings. She earned her MA in Creative Arts Therapy from Lesley University. Beth enjoys movies, music, and the Maine woods.


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