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Guide to Themes from Recent Years


2011 Focus
Cultivating the Greater Self

During 2011, the Center explored the topic "Cultivating the Greater Self.” We were responding to Daisaku Ikeda's wish that we create "spiritual sanctuaries of life-affirming dialogue, where we can heal the wounds of the alienated lesser self and open pathways to our true self, the greater self, with its unlimited capacity for empathy."


2010 Focus
The Democratic Spirit

During 2010, the Center explored the topic "The Democratic Spirit.” We were inspired by Daisaku Ikeda's insight that democracy is a way of life whose purpose is to enable people to achieve spiritual autonomy, live in mutual respect, and enjoy happiness."


2009 Focus
Humanizing Our Lives, Humanizing Our World

During 2009, the Center explored the topic "Humanizing Our Lives, Humanizing Our World.” We chose this focus as a way of exploring the reality that the health and humanity of each person is intertwined with the health and happiness of the world as a whole.


2008 Focus
Understanding Death, Appreciating Life

During 2008, the Center explored the topic "Understanding Death, Appreciating Life.” We chose this focus based on founder Daisaku Ikeda’s assertion that a major challenge facing humanity today is “establishing a culture — based on an understanding of life and death and of life's essential eternity — that does not disown death, but directly confronts and correctly positions death within a larger living context.”




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