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"For Vincent Harding"

By Mitch Bogen
Written upon the conclusion of the 7th Ikeda Forum
November 2010


I'd quit seeking a heaven
I mean needing a heaven
Some better world beyond

Where the scales get tipped right
And where the hollow
Rapists of the common good

Are made at long last, to pay
No, it's not that heaven
That I'm dreaming of now

Yes, a heaven of justice still
But this time of the job-well-done kind
And this heaven I want

Not for me but for you
Who have labored and endeavored
In the fields of the human spirit

Dawn to dusk bringing forth
Greater capacity, greater potential
A heaven where the long view

Obtains and good deeds
Are for once unpunished
And your kind of triumph

Once, and for all eternity, commands the day
My brother, yes




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