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Some popular Ikeda Center titles

Dialogue Path Pressthe Ikeda Center's new publishing armis dedicated to publishing titles that will foster cross-cultural understanding and greater human flourishing in the years to come. The first Dialogue Path book is Creating Waldens: An East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance by Ronald A. Bosco, Joel Myerson, and Daisaku Ikeda (Sept. 2009). Most recent (March 2010) is Into Full Flower: Making Peace Cultures Happen.

Prior to the launch of Dialogue Path Press, the Center developed and published books in collaboration with publishers such as Orbis Books, Teachers College Press, and Wisdom Publications.

Designed for both general reading and classroom use, Center-developed books have been used in more than 800 courses at more than 275 colleges and universities nationwide, introducing a broad range of humanistic concerns into undergraduate and graduate education.

Professors who order Ikeda Center books (view the book list)

teach a wide range of topics, including:

  • philosophy of education & educational foundations
  • multicultural curriculum development
  • comparative religion & religious ethics,
  • peace and conflict studies,
  • global ethics & economics,
  • and more

Students who engage with Ikeda Center books improve their critical thinking skills and become better prepared to participate in the developing dialogue on global citizenship and shared values.

We invite you to order a complimentary examination copy today.


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What Professors Say

"I'm writing to say how very impressed I am with Ethical Visions of Education. When I teach Curriculum Theory again I will definitely use it. It's a compilation of pithy and relevant essays, and I love it!"

- Professor Marion Slater, College of Saint Rose

"Subverting Hatred has become my new favorite book! You have my thanks for making the concepts of nonviolence within religious contexts accessible for my undergraduate and graduate students."

- Professor Elaine Hammond, University of Buffalo

"The content and argument of Subverting Hatredso readable and informative, so well written — are essential for thoughtful interreligious dialogue and engagement on issues of peace and conflict."

- Dr. Michael True, Professor Emeritus, Assumption College

"Subverting Hatred and Subverting Greed allow students to hear the elements of religious traditions applied to the fundamental global issues of the course, and more generally to sense the powerful ethical passions and insights that flow through the religious traditions."

- James Anderson, California State University, Chico



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