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The Inner Philosopher
Conversations on Philosophy's Transformative Power
By Lou Marinoff and Daisaku Ikeda
Dialogue Path Press, forthcoming, August 2012


1. Philosophy Begins With Questioning

2. Gratitude to Our Parents

3. Calling Forth the “Inner Philosopher”

4. The Source of Robust Optimism

5. Recovering Purpose and Connection

6. All Are Worthy of Respect

7. The Nature of Healing

8. Healing the Wounds of Arbitrary Division

9. The Healing Power of Dialogue

10. Dialogue for Peace and Humanism

11. Ancient Questions, Timeless Wisdom

12. On the Practice of Virtue

13. The Arts and the Human Spirit

14. Life and Death Are Not Separate

15. Women and the Building of Peace Cultures

16. To Relieve Suffering and Impart Joy


  • The Inner Philosopher will be available for purchase ($12.95, plus S&H) at this website beginning late August, and on Amazon and in bookstores, Sept. 1, 2012.

  • To place an advance order email mbogen@ikedacenter.org.

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